I Was a Bad Girl Last Night

I couldn’t sleep, I tossed and turned

No relief in sight, I thought I learned

Your breathing steady, your slumber sound
Extending my hand, what it sought it found

My plan was hatched, how could you have known?
I was on a quest, my desire had grown

Selfish was I, I needed to ask
Contrite today, but I completed my task

Lubrication was drizzled, I plunged it in slowly
It felt so good, I took it in wholly

In and out, I got into a rhythm
My orgasm focused, light through a prism

My hips did swirl, my solo unbridled
I danced with myself, like Billy Idol

My imagination was spurred, oh it ran wild
Just a moment longer, this wouldn’t be mild

I looked over at you, my orgasm unleashed
My juices exploded, it flowed on the sheets

I stayed silent, my head moist with sweat
I’m such a bad girl, I start to regret

I fell asleep fast, but it wouldn’t be long
The morning was near, I’d have to tell you my wrong

I opened my eyes, wrapped in your embrace
I could have lied, I didn’t leave a trace

I explained my inner slut, that I needed to sate to her
Your words were loud and clear, “She will pay later.”