I Was a Bad Girl Last Night

I couldn’t sleep, I tossed and turned

No relief in sight, I thought I learned

Your breathing steady, your slumber sound
Extending my hand, what it sought it found

My plan was hatched, how could you have known?
I was on a quest, my desire had grown

Selfish was I, I needed to ask
Contrite today, but I completed my task

Lubrication was drizzled, I plunged it in slowly
It felt so good, I took it in wholly

In and out, I got into a rhythm
My orgasm focused, light through a prism

My hips did swirl, my solo unbridled
I danced with myself, like Billy Idol

My imagination was spurred, oh it ran wild
Just a moment longer, this wouldn’t be mild

I looked over at you, my orgasm unleashed
My juices exploded, it flowed on the sheets

I stayed silent, my head moist with sweat
I’m such a bad girl, I start to regret

I fell asleep fast, but it wouldn’t be long
The morning was near, I’d have to tell you my wrong

I opened my eyes, wrapped in your embrace
I could have lied, I didn’t leave a trace

I explained my inner slut, that I needed to sate to her
Your words were loud and clear, “She will pay later.”

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38 thoughts on “I Was a Bad Girl Last Night

  1. You danced with yourself, like Billy Idol? That alone was worth the price of admission. I realize I shouldn’t just sit and stare… but I couldn’t help it. What a great write, Elle!!


    • I wanted to wake him, but I didn’t dare because he was exhausted and he needed to get up very early. After and hour went by and my imagination went wild….well? You know?

      Phase one of paying for it – just had to do extra lunges at the club.


  2. mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm! I have been here a few times or several. lol

    It sucks when they work so much and are exhausted and just can’t bare to wake them up to satisfy our hunger. On the other hand, I’ve always found it kind of sexy to go at it why he lays there asleep and see if I can get away with it without waking him up. 😉

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    • Yup, yup! I was trying so hard to not bounce the bed too much. I know what my problem was and why I couldn’t sleep. We were discussing orgasm on demand training and orgasm hypnosis. How could I sleep after hearing about some training to come (cum)?

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        • Very early discussion stage. He’s read a little. I’d like my body to respond a faster. There’s been times when it’s practically instand and other times I hang on the edge for so long. He always gets me there, but there was a time it took me forever. I need a lot of work for multiple. I’m such a project, but I know it’s all in my head. Thank God for a patient man who loves it when I cum.


          • I’m all to familiar with it being in the head as that has been a problem of mine for years. Just figured that one out the end of last year, almost let it get in the way again this year. Thank God for a patient man indeed.


            • My head is good when there’s pain (my masochistic side) and when I’m restrained. My head quiets and I can let go.

              Those days when I am having a hard time resting in my submission is when I have a problem. It’s usually the days that I have difficulty shifting because of the life stress. I’ve been working on better ways to shift.


              • I’m not a masochist, although I love a good spanking. Sensory deprivation does wonders for me, as does edging, and being restrained but even with all of it if I let myself get to caught up in thought it can hold me back. Damn busy brain. lol


  3. Sigh–all too frequent here, but glad to say less so in recent weeks. He’s seeing to sexy time much more frequently, insisting on my pleasure. I agree on the head thing being an issue with orgasms–but I have to say that for me, I’ve had to come to realize there’s an age factor at play (and fewer hormones). It takes longer for me to be aroused. Once there, I usually can multiple many times over… yet even that’s not such a sure thing. You are a good decade younger than me though, so probably not an issue yet.

    Great poem though!!


    • I turn 49 on Thursday. I work at balancing my hormones. I keep telling women they need to lift weights and go heavy with them. Women need testosterone, too, and docs do nothing with that. T for women helps with arousal. Weight training causes your body to produce T for both men and women. Look up maca root. I religiously take it to balance my estrogen and progesterone.


  4. Nothing bad at all about that. I’m impressed that you stayed so quiet you didn’t wake him up! And great line with Billy Idol in it 🙂


  5. Sexy picture
    While I love how naughty you were and turned on by the vision of you pleasing yourself but I have to admit Coach’s words to you is what made me react the most. 🙂
    The punishment, even though he enjoyed knowing it you have, that will come later… makes my subbie side react. 🙂


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