45 thoughts on “Melancholy

  1. Happy birthday girl. Yea, grrrrr. And that friend is going to feel really, really shitty when she realizes it. If I had been there, we’d have PAR-TEED!!!! More hugs!!! Hopefully you’re having a nice dance in the sheets tonight to assuage the yucks!


      • Um, let’s see, quick math here… 30-19=21 … So you’re 21 again?! Oh, wait, that would be 30+19… Gotcha! 😳

        If you didn’t have a birth certificate or driver’s license to tell you how old you were, how old would you feel? 😏


        • Honestly, in so many ways I feel like I’m 21. I never really grew up and I mean that in the very best way. No matter what has happened in my life I have chosen to find the humor and laugh my way through it all. I laugh with my whole being and that has kept my heart young.


  2. I’m the one weirdo who likes this — the poem, not the action. It is exactly how you felt at that particular moment. Real. Now, if you want to share that sandwich….I’m getting a little crabby over here. XO

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    • Thank you, d 🙂 I don’t write too much poetry unless it’s humorous, and then I write couplets or quatrains. I stumble over my feelings because they are always in flux.

      You, me, a picnic lunch from Zabar’s, Central Park. Is Zabar’s still good? Haven’t been in long time.


      • I haven’t been to Zabar’s in awhile (1 year +). I think it is still going strong — there is an adorable Italian place on the 85th and Columbus: Trattoria Machiavelli. We could go there!


  3. Like Dievca… I liked the post because I like the words. Not because I like the feeling. I thought it was Coach at first. I wouldn’t have been surprised, not because I thought Coach could do this, but because I wouldn’t have been very surprised to get this from my ex…
    So in a sense, glad it wasn’t him. Sorry you spent lunch alone.
    But Happy Birthday nonetheless!


  4. Happy birthday, driving buddy! Give me her number, i’ll smack her around a little. Chris Brown specializes in shit like that.


    • Thanks for the birthday wish. Let me tell you something, that Dominican from the Bronx would take you down in a heart beat. She’s a real deal badass hidden behind a very polished and professional appearance. If you’d like to try I know where to place my bet.


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