I Was a Domme Once (Part Dois, that’s 2 in Portuguese, folks)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, this was going to be fun! I saw the shiny red Trans Am in the parking lot and decided to walk ahead of him to his car so he can watch my ass as I walk. Turns out Portuguese men are very fond of the ass, much like Italian men. I was determined to be in charge of this. I scooted up onto the hood of his car most provocatively as he stood in front of me smiling. I told him to come over and kiss me. He started off slowly, but that’s not what I wanted. I needed hard, so I pulled him in and shoved my tongue down his throat. He reciprocated and our tongue dance began. I pulled away and offered him my neck. He began to gently kiss and that annoyed me. I told him to bite me. He sunk his teeth in and bite hard and I just fucking groaned. No one had ever bitten my neck and once I felt that sensation that first time I was hooked forevermore.

I knew what I wanted and I wanted it fast. I ordered him into the passenger side of the car. He sat and put the seat all the way back. The unique thing about this situation was that he wasn’t too tall (about 5’5″) and we had a fairly good amount of room to get the job done. Nothing against short men, but this was the first short guy I ever gave the time of day. Up until then, the Swede had been the shortest at about 5’9″. I come from the land of giant men so compared to them everyone is short. I love the feeling of being overpowered physically and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been so bold if I tried to bag a taller guy. I am all of about 5’3″ so I needed to be on equal footing and in my heels I was. I hoisted up my skirt and straddled him. I gave him a bit of a lap dance to arouse him more and to get myself more aroused. I could see his hard on bulging and all I wanted to do was lower myself onto it. I reached into my purse for a condom and told him to put it on. I always found it erotic to watch a man slide a condom on, maybe because I liked seeing his member in his own hand (they ALWAYS stroke themselves). I shimmied off my panties and then I lowered myself onto his cock. This is the part I love when I’m on top and I take my time with it because I love feeling every inch go in slowly. He was a normal length and girth (nothing to write home about), but it was just right. I took him all the way in and began to move. He completely submitted to me as if it was the first time submitting to anyone. He was either very new or he just discovered something about himself. It was then that I felt him getting soft. SOFT! Yeah, that’s right, fucking soft.

What to do? What to do? I asked it he was OK and he shrugged. I asked if he was on anything and he said no. I felt disappointed. I then tell him to finger fuck me and get me off. He plunges two fingers in me and moves slowly. Damn, what is it with this guy and slow? I tell him to go faster and he does. I start to build and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I started to let myself go and then the light shined in the window. Fuck, the cops!

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18 thoughts on “I Was a Domme Once (Part Dois, that’s 2 in Portuguese, folks)

    • At that time, and with him, yes I was! But if you read part one, I was a bit pissed off back then. I didn’t know how to handle my own submissive feeling and I thought I was so wrong for feeling the way I did. I was trying to counteract those feelings and being the good actress I am (I was in acting school at the time) I put on this character.

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  1. *giggling* over here. Fuck the cops is right. I had one of these moments as a young girl. Hehe

    I soooo understand about the shorter/taller feeling when it comes to men. There have been very few shorter guys that have ever done it for me. I like being “tiny and small” compared to them.

    Now part 3 please. 😀 xoxo


  2. I’ll just hide in the corner. Don’t get out the tape measure.

    This is seriously fun writing, Elle. I love that you were working outside of who you really are… but weren’t at the time. I would love to have read this from his perspective (“Holy FUCK!!! What is going on here?!?!”) I’ll look forward to part tres.


    • The one thing I know is that I’ll never do that again. I’m glad you can enjoy the adventure now, but I was one confused, sad, and pissed off 18 year old. Seriously, 18! I guess this means I grew up fast. FYI…I saw him about 8 years later and he had spent that time trying to find someone who could be as bold as I was back then. He was a sub without a doubt. I was married to Coach and knew I was not that person.


  3. Ok… I’m hooked, didn’t get time to comment on part one before you put out part two! Hurry girl I need to know what happened with the cops! Maybe you have a bit of switch inside you Elle….. I say with a mischievous smile! 😝


    • Enough with your mischief! 😉 Switch? More like bitch :-p By the end of this experience I learned a lot about myself. The pendulum swung completely the opposite direction with exteme momentum after this and it would take Coach to save me.


  4. How did I miss this? Just found and read both parts. Wow! And yes, a friend and I were both recently discussing what it would be like ‘to try on for size’ a tall man. Our guys are each about 5’6″.


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