What Is A True Soul Mate?


Sir, you are my true soul mate. You speak the truth in love and fight for my heart and mind. Thank you for never giving up on me and for pointing out truth from error, real from fake, fantasy from reality, and deception from uprightness.

32 thoughts on “What Is A True Soul Mate?

    • Yup. It actually hurts like hell. We just went through it and I’ll tell you, we both got a wake up call. Coach saw it first because I was in a haze. Love that man. He fights hard for me and knows when I’m fighting myself. That’s what a Dom does.

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      • You’re so fortunate to be married to your soul mate and your Dom. I know a lot about wake up calls, have seen many in my lifetime. Now I know how to recognize them before they happen…


        • Oh, I know I’m fortunate.

          Recognizing before they happen isn’t so easy. Coach is always trying to get me to speak up and say what I really feel before I get a rude awakening. I hold back so much from people because I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Then it builds up and comes tumbling out. The only one other than Coach I can just be completely me with is my friend D. It’s not like I’m trying g to be someone else, I just don’t give it all out there as a protection. Coach is now demanding that I say things right out of the gate. This Is not easy for me, but I will do it.

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      • Sticking….I have an incredible fear of giving up. I don’t give up. But I wonder at times if one not giving up is enough. There have been very dark days here. Many changes. A wall of silence that I can’t seem to break through. The few words spoken do not have the same tone. Throw in a down time physically and I find myself a mess. There is my own voice that screams in my head, “just quiet your soul and listen girl”….the answers are there…just listen damn it. Thanks for listening Elle. Urg….


        • I’m sorry you’re going through such a hard time right now. I understand not giving up. Tenacity is a wonderful quality, but stepping back to regroup and assess can make a big difference, too. The answers really are there in that still small voice. I hope you get your answers soon (((HUGS)))

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  1. I am married to my soul mate. He was before he was taken from me and he is more so since he found his way back to me. He knows my soul and my heart – in many ways, he knows them better than I do.

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      • It truly is. He reads me instead of just assuming he knows me. The anticipation that he has – meaning that he is ahead of me in what I need or want. He can sense my pain before I even articulate it and he has something to give to me that will ease it. He reads my body – I don’t need to guide him when we make love – he is so in tune with my response to his touch and actions that he meets my need. I have no idea how he got this way because it wasn’t like this for many years.

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  2. Great message. What messy, complicated process it can be too… I know you know James 1. Trials and tests grow us “…that you may be mature and complete…” You are blessed to recognize this, and to have someone who loves you enough to keep you accountable!


    • Coach is very generous and he’s not a micro manager. He does expect me to work towards my own growth and take responsibility for who and what I am. He gives me room to make mistakes and sometimes I make doozies. He’s always there to help me up, evaluate, redirect, and yes, hold me accountable. That messy stuff just plain sucks!


  3. I agree… I’ve come to believe that a soul mate is far from a perfect match, but they’re someone who allows you to be you and encourages you to be better.


    • Very true. I think it’s in the allowing you to be you that your good an your bad comes out and that’s when your soul mate helps you soul recognize and grow. A soul mate sees what can only be spiritually discerned because they see you in your totality, not the mask or the sliver we give other people.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Those that love you don’t reveal to you in order to hurt you or use it against you, rather it’s done with noble intentions so that you can be better and healed and know your worth.

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