Changes are coming soon and I’m very excited about my ideas; I hope you will be, too. I’m in the mood to change this blog a bit, not all at once, but adding in some features that I feel will have some real impact on the lives of submissives, and hopefully their Doms as well. There will still be some kinky fuckery, some “day in the life,” even perhaps more poems and stories, but I want to talk about the things that I really live and love everyday. Many passions I’ve shared privately with some of my subbie friends and I’ve talked about other ideas in comments on various blogs. I need to have a single place to expound in greater detail and this blog is as good a place as any.

I have a LOT to say on health and beauty, organizing and planning, and faith and spirituality, all from a D/s point of view. I’m drawn to those topics and I’ve spent numerous hours doing research and weeding through the good, the bad, the ugly. I consult experts regularly and spend too much time on PubMed reading medical studies. Yeah, I really do. I want to go in depth on these topics because I see them as tools for making my life little easier, being a better person, and having more time for those that I love and the things in life that make me truly happy and fulfilled. I’m guessing we all have the same goal.

Many of you are married or are in long-term relationships or are headed that way because it’s your desire. Many of you have children or want them or even have furry babies that take up so much of your time. Many of you work outside the home, whether full time, part time, volunteer, or shuttle around a car or minivan full of kids from here to there and spend a good six hours a day in your vehicle (me!!!!). There are Doms who read my blog who are looking for ideas that will work for them and their submissives. I think the sum total is that we all want life answers that work and are efficient and practical. Trust me, I’m not talking Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray here (God forbid). We want the kinds of ideas that are do-able, reasonable, and give us the most bang for our buck. I LOATHE wasting money and time and I weigh out options very carefully before I spend a dime. Yes, I subscribe to periodicals and websites such as Consumer Reports and Consumer Labs because I want to make an informed decision.

Above all else, I want to do this with some humor and not take it all so seriously because a joyful heart is like medicine. Let me know if you have some topic ideas and if you have a better way of doing something I’m all for it. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, we just want the best wheel for who we are and our unique lives.


20 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. We don’t have a d/s relationship, but we are interested in all that you are planning on talking about. I talk a lot about health and the impact it has on our marriage.


  2. Elle,
    If you write about your passions in any shape or form, the piece will be fantastic. People can feel when others are excited about something. Let’s go Cowgirl!


  3. Brava! So wonderful to have goals and plans. Blogging has initially been a great place to just speak my mind, emotions and thoughts, and to get feedback and encouragement; but for many of us as we find ourselves established into our journeys, with lessons abounding, need to find ways to share the wisdom! I have always loved your research!! (and btw– my new “pink toy” is WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for the recommendation, even though I’m really glad I didn’t go with goliath, lol! DH totally got how it serves to be an enhancement to our pleasure, not a substitution for him. After starting out with him using it, nerves and pleasure points were awakened, I was able to enjoy more with him…)


    • Yay for you! I’m so happy he was able to get on board with it and see it as an enhancement.

      So glad you enjoy my research. I really have fun with it and it gives me a rise to dig through and come up with just the right piece that is interesting and informative.

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