Look What’s Happening Between Our Sheets – I Made The List!


Rori at Between My Sheets puts together a list each year of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers and this year I was chosen! I almost spit my coffee out when I received Rori’s email. This honor was totally unexpected and came as a complete surprise. I am humbled, to say the least. Thank you so very much, Rori, for including me with such a wonderful group of bloggers. Such amazing company to be in! [Note – as of this writing Rori’s blog is inexplicably down]

***Good News! I checked today, 1/3/15, and Rori’s site it back up!***

So what will 2015 bring? Hopefully more adventures and surprises. I’ve been adjusting my focus over here to shine more light on healthy submission – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and Coach has stated that he would like to bring more to the table along the same lines for Dominants. There will still be plenty of kinky fuckery and lots more fun. We want 2015 to be a year of self-improvement, discovery, and pushed limits. We learned some major lessons in 2014 because we endeavored to get out of our comfort zones. Some lessons were learned by having great success and some lessons were learned by crashing and burning. That’s what life is all about. You try things and see what you’re made of. Personally, I learned that I am not afraid to test the waters to find out what I really believe at my core and to find out where my weakness are so I can strengthen them, to prove my strength and get stronger. If you do not have any failures you have not been living. I choose to live with passion.

That being said I feel like I’ve only just begun and that’s a wonderful feeling. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog; it is so very much appreciated.



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