Pursue Me

As a submissive I never refuse any sexual contact. I’m available to my Dom whenever, wherever, and however he chooses. This is the agreement because he is in charge of my body. Granted, when I’m sick or dog-tired he’s a loving and understanding Dom and he takes care of me and makes sure I get my rest. My well being is priority.

All that being said, I still want to be pursued. Just because he can always have me doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel the excitement of the seduction. I love the pursuit. I want to feel wanted and desired. That feeling of the chase is so thrilling. There’s the lead up, the flirting, the subtle, but definitive touches. There’s the look in his eyes and the mischievous smile. Nothing specifically said yet volumes are spoken. It’s teasing at its finest and it makes me feel so sexy and special. It’s the feeling of being desired and singled out. It’s the little things and the big things and everything else in between. It’s the connective heat and the thrill of the unexpected.

Oh, yes, Sir, pursue me.

40 thoughts on “Pursue Me

  1. I think the pursuit is SO IMPORTANT in a relationship. Isn’t that often why people stray? They have someone showing interest, giving wanted looks and making you feel chased and desired. I TOTALLY agree with your post. Pursue me Baby, please. 💋

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  2. I just love your posts! Everything the others and you have said is a definite yes! Totally get this! Thanks Elle! Awesome!


  3. Yes, THIS! There is a strange disconnect for us subs–I’m glad you verbalized it. The chase, the pursuit is so sexy. Sometimes that’s hard when we say we’re always available. I too have wanted to “resist,” a bit to be “taken down…” not sure how to do this sometimes.

    Don’t know where SK got his little acronym– but he has told me he knows I want to be Pursued, Led, Understood and Gifted –“PLUG” “Gifted” always confused me a little… He couldn’t really explain it either… and while I’m not one to expect gifts, they are nice. I hope you didn’t laugh to hard at the acronym, as anything anal is a hard limit for him; I’m all for changing it to PLUS (since I need the spanks). We need to come up with some “acceptable” naughty resist techniques!


  4. Reblogged this on loneyheart and commented:
    I needed to read this today. In part because i feel this way. and in part because i forget that he needs to feel this as well. We must remember to give in the same way that we wish to receive. We all want to fell desired.


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