What a Difference a Year Makes!

I have really missed blogging. I’ve been sticking my toe in here and there and I’ve been reading my friends’ blogs (sorry for not always commenting, but I have been reading). Writing hasn’t been at the top of my list. I have to process my life before I write. I don’t process as I write. If I wrote as I processed it would read something like this –

“Son of a bitch! Really? What else? Do they know how long we’ve worked on this? My ass needs attention. Must sleep. I don’t know how much more I’ve got. Yeah, I kicked ass and took names. Baby, hold me please.”

I’ve been searching for a full time job for quite some time, but have not found a job that would work for me and our life. It’s extremely frustrating and the disappointments were  playing with my head. Our health insurance doubled and is now more than our freaking mortgage! Yeah, I choke on that, too. We have employer provided insurance, but it’s a small company so they don’t get the insurance discounts the big guys get. At least it’s really good insurance. Everything is getting more expensive and to help keep up our lifestyle I wanted (with Coach’s blessing, of course) to go back to work full time. I had dreams of coming back close to the salary I left off at in 2001 and getting benefits so we could reduce our monthly premiums and start saving again. Well, the full time positions that would work for me pay far less than what I need to earn. I have to factor in childcare for summers and after school so salary is important to make it all worth it. So months and months of searching (thanks, still crappy economy) wore me out and I was getting weary. I’m not one to throw in the towel, so rather than accept defeat, I got creative. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention.

Last summer I had an interview with a promising company. I wrote about it here. Unfortunately, a full time position didn’t happen because they were not able to add a new location and my potential job was predicated on that expansion. I did work with them putting together the proposal to the city that consisted of the business and marketing plans and I was paid well for my efforts. It was a valuable learning experience and it led to project by project personal assistant work for the owner. From working with contactors for his flip houses to booking travel to various research projects, I did it all. So many people suggested I go into business for myself, but that’s easier said than done as any start up business owner knows. A few months ago I got some leads and followed up on them, which led to more and more leads. I’m happy to say that I have (at a snails pace) started my own business. I currently have eight solid clients and will be securing more soon. I predominately do audits and business investigations as well as various administrative and personal assisting projects. Some clients have immediate deadlines and some give more flexibility. Some I travel to and others I do from home. It’s very flexible, which makes life easier for me and so much easier for Coach and the kids. Last week, I met, for the first time in all of this, my weekly earnings goal and this week I’m half way there. Whoo hoo! Oh, and people are paying ON TIME!

I’ve worked my ass off for this, but I know I have a long way to go. In the meantime, the extra income has really been helping out. Coach and I have also been expanding his business and have had some great things happen. We are currently putting together a Groupon. I have a few more questions I need to get answered before we go for it, but so far so good. Getting our name out will be good and I even thought of doing a Personal Assistant Groupon as well. One step at a time.

In all of the exhaustion, frustration, tears, and accomplishments we’ve stayed strong as a couple. Life is a roller coaster and you have to keep that in mind. Highs and lows will happen and it’s OK. I don’t begrudge anything. It’s useless to get annoyed with vanilla life when that is the majority of all our lives. TTWD is always there and setting in our hearts and minds that we will get back on track goes a long way towards keeping meltdowns from happening. We are life partners and that keeps us grounded. The times we can fully engage are so much more meaningful and significant. I am grateful for all that I have and thankful I have such an understanding and helpful Husband and Dom. He is my biggest supporter as I am his and we know that together we can do anything.

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28 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes!

  1. Well done on starting your business and starting to meet your weekly goals!
    I am still struggling slightly with this work and money thing, but I’ll get there!
    It is always good to read you from time to time… And this time, you graced us with a very long post. Thank you.

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  2. Elle, good luck on your venture! It is so rewarding being your own boss and owning your own business. Yes, it is very hard work with the financial reward slow to come but keep at it and it will abound! Don’t let the naysayer’s get you down…as you know it’s hard to find subportive people in most ventures!


    • Thank you, bliss for the encouragement. I do enjoy being a one woman enterprise and being able to be so flexible. As for support, I know who I can trust. Had to kiss a few froggy subs to get to the princesses.


  3. Sounds like things are moving forward. I have friends that had excellent results from groupon. That a great idea. Congrats and keep up the good work.


    • We here the same thing about Groupon. The place I go for my Brazilian did their first last summer and kicked ass. They even built up enough to move into better digs. The advertising was huge. Fingers crossed.


  4. The best to you on your venture. As a small business owner it is a wonderful ride and an all consuming one also (at times.) I had to laugh when you talked about processing and what you would write if you didn’t. Sounds much like my inner voice on the difficult days. You and coach are an amazing team and I know you will knock this out of the park. Good to hear your voice! (yea, when I read my brain assigns a voice…weird but it is what it is)


  5. Yay you! I know that has to feel soooo good! I relate with you on so many different levels! I left my field in 1992! I retooled and took on another completely different career that worked for my young kids… and I’m happy I did it because it had been a lifelong dream to try it, and I was good at it. But deep in my heart was my original career, and now I just think I’m too long gone from it to be marketable. It makes me sad sometimes. But, I have to count ALL my blessings. That is CRAZY about your insurance being so high! And as for the vanilla comment, I appreciate you saying that. It’s been making me feel a little bit down lately,we too are mostly vanilla anymore, but you are absolutely right– when you look out there in blog land very few of us have seemed to sustain the BDSM kink and play that we perhaps started with. Real life just really does intervene.

    So, hugs to you sweet lady for all you’ve accomplished this year and I wish you all the best on growing your business and remaining happy where you’re planted. I take many lessons from you, glad you’re writing!


    • Vanilla comes in waves and it’s OK. Week to week changes for us because of schedules. We’ll have weeks where we’re hot and heavy and then a few weeks that life is crazy. You can’t sweat it or you’ll drive yourself crazy. D/s is a firm foundation for us so no matter what happens we have things solid.

      I’ve been told that if I stayed in the work force I would be making a whole lot of money now. The 13.5 years I haven’t been working full time I’ve headed up committees, planned huge fund raising events, served on a Board, and even worked part time. Working for myself is the best option. Hard work, but I know the rewards will be great.

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  6. So happy things are coming together for you honey! I totally get the new venture thing as I have been busy too, but very dependent on Sirs and Peeps time to help with the technical end….. Just so much work to start a new business! Good luck, I hope it grows perfectly for you, but I’m sure it will with you in the drivers seat!! Hugs friend!!
    Love, Mynx


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