Endless Summer Nights

Summer holds a special place in my heart. Coach and I began as long-distance phone friends back in November 1986, met in the spring of 1987, and started dating on June 19, 1987. That summer was everything a summer romance is supposed to be. Long days at the beach that turned into romantic dinners and then dancing the night away. Summer evenings curled up on a daybed on screened-in porch talking and laughing for hours. All day sex. All night sex. Playing, experimenting, and learning each other’s bodies. It was an epic summer and near impossible to duplicate. It felt like it would go on forever, but no one can live in that kind of bubble forever. Coach had to leave to go back to school, but one month later I was following after him in the car he bought me. We couldn’t stay apart.

We can no longer spend over two months (without working) hanging out at the beach, but in my mind I can easily relive every memory and feel every feeling. Music can bring me there and when I hear my favorite summer songs I go to that sweet place and smile wide.


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