29 thoughts on “Someone Stole www.thesubmissionofelle.com

  1. Wow. So, you think someone bought the domain just so you couldn’t have it? That’s crazy. I hope you can rectify the situation one way or another.


    • Yes, that’s exactly what happened. There are those that want to capitalize on something they perceive as a money making enterprise, namely married submissive women and their husbands, and they don’t want anyone gething in their way. What I do on my blog is not intended to make money off of anyone. I just share my ideas and life. If people like it, great, if not, they can go somewhere else. There is enough room in the world for more than one opinion.


    • I’m not going anywhere. This blog will remain open. This is an outlet for me, and from the feedback I get via comments and emails, people enjoy reading it. It would be nice to have the domain name so I could self host and post a little more freely. WP has been known to shut blogs down.

      So nice of you to comment here, Gary. It’s about time 😉


    • Hi, Shy. Hope you’re well. Wow is right. Yeah, pretty sucky, but on the bright side, there’s someone out there who’s staying on top of every little thing I write. I checked my followers so I’m well aware of who sees my name in their inbox. The voyeurism is not reciprocated.

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