Today began my third week at my new job. I am going through 12 weeks of intensive training. Couple the training and the demands of a new job in the tech industry with a new crazy family schedule (school dropoffs and pickups, after school activities, homework, laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning) and I am one loopy girl.

Coach has not been demanding at all. Coach has been more than understanding. Coach has been kind and gentle. Coach has been a supportive husband and it’s making me go out of my mind!

I know he means well. I know he wants me to find my pace and rhythm. I know he’s only thinking of me…..BUT, BUT, BUT…I need HIS pace and rhythm. I need him keeping me in line and making sure I follow through. I need him setting the tone because when I take charge of my life I’m like a runaway freight train. I’m full steam ahead. I don’t want that. We’ve been there and it doesn’t work for us.

Yesterday I knelt and explained. I went to him before any kind of spiral or plunge into the pit. I know what I need and so does he. He heard me. He understood. I am better.