Beautiful People


You read these things posted on Facebook and Pinterest and they sound so right. We claim them as our own personal mantras, but how many of us can really follow this advice?

I’ll be honest, I don’t always see the beauty in others. I all too easily see the ugly in others, and more easily, I see the ugly in myself. We are messy, selfish creatures. Now that I’m back at work in a large office of a couple hundred people I have seen some real nastiness. I forgot about this aspect of life having taken a 14 year sabbatical from the daily grind. Working from home does have its benefits and I didn’t have to deal with coworkers. I am again up close and personal and gossip is everywhere. Judgements, too, are rampant and so many bring all their problems with them wherever they go. I’ve figured out my personal strategy for staying out of the drama and I have to or else I’ll get stuck in the muck and mire.

I don’t believe that a beautiful person only sees the beauty in others. A beautiful person sees the truth of a person and acts accordingly. A beautiful person doesn’t allow another’s ugliness to influence decisions. A beautiful person has empathy, but will give the gift of accountability. A beautiful person sets an example by remaining true to honed character.

I’m around some who are challenges and getting drawn in would be all too easy. I’ve chosen to gracefully stay out of unnecessary controversies, as per my usual way, by not bringing my personal life to work. People tell me less of their garbage because they know I can’t get drawn in. The advantage for me is not only staying out of other’s dramas, but people are more apt to present a better version of themselves because they know the other junk doesn’t fly with me.

In order to see someone’s beauty you need to set the stage so that their beauty reveals itself.

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8 thoughts on “Beautiful People

  1. I love what you believe a beautiful person sees. That whole paragraph is so well-written. The only thing I would add to my own personal definition is that a beautiful person will not let another’s imperfections and faults take away from the beauty they can see inside them.

    Seeing a person’s inner beauty is great, but all of us have both beauty and ugliness inside us. The ugliness does not necessarily have to diminish the beauty.

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    • I totally agree with you. I think the trick is setting things up so that someone’s inner beauty can come out. Once you see it, even if their ugly keeps trying to overshadow their inner beauty, you need to remember that it’s there. I think people rise up to the occasion when they know someone recognizes the good about them.

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  2. I just want you to know that your blog has helped my husband and I reactivate our D/s relationship again. I felt a connection because I have been dealing with health stuff for 3 years now and our d/s relationship has come and gone. We felt like it was gone for good. We’ve been missing something in our lives and now I feel ready for it again! Thank you!

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    • Thank you so much for reading. I’m so happy my blog has helped you. Health issue are a challenge to every aspect of life, but you both know who you are at your core so as you go through different phases you can always return to your foundation. Just keep that foundation strong. I bet you both know exactly what the other truly needs. Challenges help us to fine tune and weed out the unnecessary so we can get to what we really need.


  3. I will send you strength. Because sometimes no matter how hard you try to not get sucked in — it happens. A weak moment, someone getting picked on, having to stand up for yourself, etc. Excellent game plan, excellent thoughts — and good work JuJu from me! XO 😀

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