I Outed Myself….Sorta

Every week at work we have a one-hour team meeting and two 15-minute team huddles. It was during one of these short team huddles that I said something that shocked our 10 member team and my supervisor. It was unavoidable because I could not allow the comment that was thrown at me like a grenade to explode at my feet.

We were discussing policies and procedures and handling irate customers. My Supervisor then stated that the way to handle those customers who insist on getting their way was to just nod our heads in agreement. A co-worker quickly interjected, “Like Elle’s husband does when she tells him what to do.”


Everyone laughed in agreement. I gave pause and then calmly replied,

“I would never disrespect my husband in such a way and even more, my husband would never allow me to speak to him disrespectfully. I am a competent, take charge woman, but when have you ever heard me speak to anyone disrespectfully? For the record, my husband is the head of our household and he is a true leader. I fear no man and will stand up for myself wherever and whenever, even with my husband, but suggesting that I order him around like some kind of idiot and make him bend to my will is something that he’s going to have a good laugh at tonight, so thank you for that.”

Elvis has left the building.