Your Words

Like a healing elixir or a magic potion your words weave their way through my soul calming the chaos and stirring my imagination.

Your words have the power to send me soaring or crashing. Your words bring me to life or send me to an abyss.

Your words heal and smooth and sift.
Your words inspire, create, perfect.

Whether a whisper or a loud roar, your words bring me to attention with just a single utterance, a meaningful phrase, or a full discourse.

I Iong to hear all you have to say.

Your voice goes to the deepest part of my being to reverberate and have its way with me.

Kiss me


Kiss me all day

Kiss me everyday
Kiss me like you can’t get enough
Kiss me like it’s the last time
Kiss me like it’s our first
Kiss me like the world is brand new
Kiss me with passion

Kiss me with desire

Kiss me with seduction
Kiss me with lust

Kiss me with fire

Kiss me now
Kiss me later
Kiss me tomorrow
Kiss me forever
Kiss me with devotion
Kiss me with love
Kiss me so I’ll never doubt

Kiss me  like we’re teenagers in the back seat of a car

Kiss me while I’m sitting in your lap

Kiss while you’re pressed up against my back

Kiss me with your hand up my shirt

Kiss me with your hand up my skirt

Kiss me in public

Kiss me in private

Just kiss me

The Invitation

We’ve played around, laughed and teased. Our chemistry is obvious. I know we both want it, but I must say it emphatically for you to feel welcome. I’m saying it now…I want you…and I’m sending it into the universe. I just can’t fight this feeling anymore.

Too many years I’ve waited for this day to come. It only lived in my imagination and I honestly never thought it was something I was allowed to have. I’ve changed and you know that. I’m more ready than I’ve ever been. Surely you can see that?

Here’s my formal invitation:


The presence of your company is requested.

Come on in and take a seat.

Relax and unwind.

Get comfortable and enjoy what I have to offer as I savor all that you are so very capable of giving (so I’ve heard).

This will be a lot of fun and just think of the juicy possibilities.

I’m ready, willing, and able to take you on.

I know we’re going to get along.

Won’t you consider me?