Another Thursday “Her Day”

Master Bedroom Clean Up Time for a Sexier New YOU!

Boo! Ugly, messy room.
Look at the roll of toilet paper on the night stand!

How can you possibly have any kind of fun in a room like this? Seriously, it’s just not right. I know you’re not sure what you want and you’re confused about color and texture. I know your funds are limited and so is your time. I understand, really I do, but the lifestyle you’re now leading demands that you put some time and effort into upkeep. You’re going to do something about it and if you can’t do all the decorating you want to do at least clean it up properly and declutter. So spend this weekend and probably the next making this your project.

But I think you can get some easy decorating done and on a shoe-string budget to boot. Don’t have paint? I bet some of your friends have unused gallons sitting in their garages and basements. Need a new comforter and can’t afford one? Again, send an S.O.S. email out to your friends and family. I bet you could even get them to roll up their sleeves and help you and I’m sure they would even be more than happy to donate to the cause. It doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?  If they only knew you were being held hostage in a messy room like this, they would coming running. You don’t have to strip furniture and replace the windows, but start with what you can and do it!

Are you ready to transform? Good, then pop in your butt plug (he’ll want you good and ready when you’re done), put on some sexy music for motivation, and spend this weekend turning your Master Bedroom into the love den and sanctuary it’s supposed to be for you and your Sir. You’ll feel better and sexier and he will love you for it.

That’s much better and a whole lot sexier, too. Wouldn’t it be better to be held “hostage” in a room like this?


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