Out of Bondage Comes Freedom

Today is Pesach (Passover) so to those who are Jewish or Messianic (like me)…Chag Sameach (Hebrew for joyous festival). I hope you had a blessed Seder.

Today we celebrate our deliverance from the slavery of Egypt. Slavery was imposed upon the Hebrews; it was not their choice and their bondage under a tyrannical pharaoh was severe. The Hebrews CHOSE to follow a deliverer, Moses, out of Egypt and CHOSE to obey a set of rules, instructions, and wisdom given to them at Mt. Sinai so that they could live a life of freedom. Sound familiar?

You may have picked up on my blog that I’m a spiritual person. I have a belief system. I chose to follow this belief system because I found it gave me freedom. It’s my choice. I’m not forced to follow any G-d. I’m not forced to submit. I willingly chose my way of life and choose to give my submission to a very specific G-d and only that G-d.

There are rules on both sides. I have rules that I need to follow and my G-d has promises that He keeps.  The rules and instructions were designed and written in such a way that those who choose to follow can be set-apart from the rest of the world. All of the practices and rituals serve as a constant reminder to submit so that throughout my day, especially when I find my heart and my mind drifting in a vacuum of insecurity, I know that I am not alone and that I am loved, cared for, and unique. I am set-apart by this G-d and I am in His able care. I give my G-d my power and will and He gives me strength and love. I am free to leave at any time. If I choose to stay in the relationship, then there are instructions I must follow. Over time, and through conviction, I have been able to incorporate and have even learned to wholly embrace many rules and regulations that I never thought I would be able to follow, let alone enjoy and desire. Again, sound familiar?

I have been able to reconcile and unite my D/s life with my spiritual life  because it’s a way of life that I already had a foundation in and these two lives are now symbiotic. Everyday I become better at my D/s life and am able to serve my Sir on levels I never understood previously because I was fragmented and disjointed. Sir has been able to understand, require, and relish my submission. I, in turn, desire his dominance out of a profound respect for his wisdom and proven character and willingly give and bind myself to him.