26 Years Ago, Today

26 years ago, today, we had our first date, we kissed for the first time, we had sex for the first time, and for the first time, I felt truly peaceful.

We were already friends, but 26 years ago we chose to be together for the rest of our lives. Our date lasted over 24 hours and early the next day you proposed. I felt in that moment that I was already your wife, your partner, your girl, your everything.

I love you, Sir. Thank you for loving me all these years. Thank you for all you do and all that you are to me and our children. You are the best decision I ever made.

Read about our first date here!


Protected: Do It ‘Til You’re Satisfied

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The Two Shall Become One

I want you to fill me and  posses every inch of me.
I want you to pound yourself into my being so that there is no room for me.
I want your thoughts living in me.
Remove from me all my sense of self.
Remove me from my selfish ways.
Remove my own desires to please myself.
Remove my pride and ego.
Take all of me and take all control.
Take from me all that pleases you.
Take your marble and create your masterpiece.
Only you know what’s inside of me.
Only you know my true and secret self.
Only you know that hidden place of wonder and awe.
Only you know my soul.
Let her see the light of day.
Let her feel the sun on her peaceful, surrendered face.
Let her grace and beauty come forth in all her glory.
And then the two shall become one.

I’m a Rebel, Too!

Good morning, world! Make today your best day. Enjoy the sunshine if it’s shining. Enjoy your Sir if he’s with you. Enjoy your friends, your family, your life. Today is all that you can make it so make it a good one.

By the way, Sir and I have the house to ourselves for the first time in over a year. Gee, what will we do while the kids are at an overnight at a friend’s? Hmm, I got it…checkers! NOT! Party on, Garth. Party on, Wayne! Whoo Hoo, I’m in a feisty mood.

Song of Solomon, Chapter Eight

i want you as more than my Master. i want us to be together always. i want to kiss you in public. i want to be a wife and a submissive according to my mother’s instruction. We could drink from each other whenever we wished.

Ladies, my Sir put his left hand under my head and used his right hand to properly pleasure me. You must make sure you are properly aroused and ready.

Onlookers: There they are together and he is supporting her!

I have awakened you erotically as you knelt before me. Your mother taught you how to submit.

Set me as a seal upon your heart, Sir. Wrap me around your arm as men do according to the command to wrap  tefillin around their arm so that when the leather straps are unwound it leaves marks on the skin as a reminder.

my love for you is as strong as death for when death takes over it is irreversible. i am on fire for you and this fire cannot be quenched. A flood could overtake me and yet i would still burn with passion. i am filled with jealousy and do not want anyone else to have you. If a man were to offer me all of his wealth for my love i would utterly despise him.

We have a little sister at home who is not yet a woman and does not have breasts. She needs to grow and to learn to submit so that she does not choose her own way when the time comes for her to be given.

i am grown and have large, firm breasts.  i learned to submit and through your eyes i have found peace, Sir.

You have taught many submissives and have taught Dominants to care for each of them. Those submissives paid to learn their submission. i do not want that life.

i have my own special place with you, Sir, and i am worth more than all of those submissives. 

Dominants, the submissives are listening for your voice. Possess your submissives and lead them.

i give you all that i am, Sir, and ask you right now to possess all of me. 

The Song of Solomon, Chapter Six

submissives: Have you found your Master? Do you know where he went, beautiful one? We have come back to tell you that we will help you find him.

He has returned to me after being with his past submissives! He came back for me and took my body and mind completely. i am his completely and he owns me. He has chosen me from all the others.

My little darling, you are beautiful and delightful. You are also strong and very proud.

You carry yourself with distinction and confidence. You have taken my discipline and are ready for all of the plans I have for you.

Your eyes are enticing. Now turn your eyes down and show me you are humble.Your hair is long and luxurious and cascades down your shoulders, breasts, and back as a veil of humility.

I can see your demure smile from behind your veil. I also see the red flush appearing on your cheeks and temples as I started speaking of my plans for you.

I have had many submissives. There are also many who have sought me out as their first Dominant.

I am your first and you are the most genuine submissive from among your mother’s daughters and the purest of any that I dominated. They all look to you in admiration of your authenticity.

submissives: Her radiance is lovely to behold and she reflects who you are so brilliantly and brightly. When we see her, we see you. It is apparent she has received her strength and grace from you.

i gave myself in discipline to the other Dominants so that i may better understand my submission and know that your training was complete. The instruction led me back to you and made my heart long for my true Sir.

 submissives: Return to him again, oh peaceful one who is a true reflection of her Dominant. We want to see your scene of love.

What do you think you will see? You will see our dance. You will see my surrender of power and his receiving of my will. 


Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle


Thank You…and a little gift just for you!

Thank you everyone for following my blog! I really didn’t think anyone would ever be interested, to tell you the truth. I officially reached 50 followers and in blog-land that’s nothing, but it means the world to me.

XOXOXO to you all!

I’ve censored myself a lot over this last month only because I’ve been so used to doing it in my life. In my vanilla world I’ve had to be very careful of what I say, when I say it, and to whom I say it, and to make a mistake really could mean being ostracized. Now that I’ve gotten my bearings I feel like I can let out more of me.

Thank you to all the blog writers out there for being bold, speaking your mind, and keeping it real. I’ve learned so much from you. Lifestyle choices mean big changes and you need some guidance to get you through it all. Thank you for being a “guiding light” and helping us find our way through the D/s and BDSM maze.

A little bit about me that you may have picked up…I was addicted to magazines and I know it comes out in my writing style. I became addicted to magazines when I was about 11 or 12 when my grandmother bought me a subscription to W because she wanted me to get a sense of style and learn about the designers. I used to love drooling over those pages and she and I would go through the Neiman Marcus and Saks’ catalogs like our lives depended on it. Fun fact…I used to sell men’s fragrance at Lord & Taylor on 5th Ave. in Manhattan. I sold Guerlain’s Vetiver to Liz Claiborne and Chanel Pour Monsieur to Meryl Streep.  I spent my entire paycheck in that store almost every payday (I was 19).

I’ve had subscriptions to everything (Cosmo, Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Women’s Day, Parenting, Family Fun, Prevention, National Geographic, Forbes…even Biblical Archaeology Review…probably 100 total and 30 at any given time). I loved all the glossy pages, pretty pictures, articles, ideas, tips, and tricks. I’ve dropped all those subscriptions (many of which I bought by trading in airline miles) because it wasn’t the most practical of hobbies. Pinterest has been a God-send as it satisfies that deep “how-to” hunger in me and I spend $0.

With the above paragraph in mind, please enjoy the “how-to” chart below. There are so many women who’ve said they can’t have an orgasm through vaginal penetration. These modified positions are by the author Timothy Ferris and I hope it helps you ladies out there!

Thanks again for following!



The Song of Solomon, Chapter Five

I have filled you, my love, our ecstasy united.  I have taken every drop from you. I have licked you and caressed every part of your body. I have had my fill of you.

On lookers: Indulge in each other more. Take everything from each other.

As I was drifting off to sleep I thought I heard my Sir whisper in my ear, “Open up for me, my love, my beautiful girl. I am hard and my  cock is dripping for you.”

 I have already cleansed myself and it is the time of my monthly separation. I played with myself and my hands dripped with my wetness and then Sir thrust himself inside of me and I came all over him. He pulled out and left. I called after him to come back, but he did not answer me.

I went to the secret place in the city to find my love. When I arrived the other Dominants removed my veil and flogged me. Then they spanked me and whipped me. I am now pink and bruised.

I asked the other submissives to please tell my Sir that I am yearning for him.

submissives: Why is your Dominant better than all the other Dominants, beautiful one? Why do you make such a request of us?

My Sir is strong and robust. His wavy hair is shiny and black like a raven. He is accomplished and known by all for achievements. 

His eyes are piercing and they see right through me and radiate with confidence.

The slight stubble on his cheeks and jaw, his enticing scent, and his moist lips and wet mouth that are so ready to claim are as enticing to me as the folds between my legs are for him.

He has chiseled arms and his skin radiates like jewels. He is like a living statue.

His legs are strong and sturdy and he stands tall and proud.

Oh, his mouth and what he can do with his lips and tongue! He is everything to me.

Ladies, he is my lover, he is my confidante, he is my Master.


Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle


The Song of Solomon, Chapter Four

You are so beautiful, my darling, so very beautiful.

Your eyes are piercing behind your veil; your hair is so long and lush.

Your smile is bright and perfect.

Your lips are scarlet and so very kissable.

And I love how you blush as I speak to you of your beauty.

Your neck is graceful and proudly displays your collar.

Your breasts are for me to suck. I will have my way with your breasts and all the way down through your fragrant garden until the break of day.

My little darling, your body is perfect and lovely.

You are mine. I will take you away and free you. I will bring you higher than you have ever gone before. I will push you to limits you never knew existed.

You have taken my heart. You have excited me by the way you look at me so demurely and with how proudly you wear your collar.

You are so exquisitely beautiful and you are mine.

I am intoxicated by your beauty, your love, and your delectable scent.

I love your sweet tasting lips.

I love the feel and taste of your tongue swirling with mine.

You are mine and only mine. No other will touch you. I am the only one who will ever enjoy your delights.

The delights of your body are for my pleasure only.

You are the finest of delicacies and those delicacies are mine to posses so that your pleasure builds and then flows out of you like flowing streams.

 Pleasure has swept over me and I will come for you. The pleasure has built and is going to flow out. I am for your pleasure, Sir, my beloved, and all my delicacies are for you to eat.