The Song of Solomon, Chapter Two

I am in full bloom. The soft petals between my legs have unfolded for you, Sir.

All other women are thorns compared to your delicate pink and white folds.

Sir, I delight in having you stand so mightily over me while I kneel before you and taste your sweet delectable fruit in my mouth.

Your juice has burst forth in my mouth like overflowing wine. You powerfully released into me as a declaration of your love.

Sir, please let love overtake me, too. I am feverish and yearning.

My Sir’s left hand embraced my head and held me down as his right hand caressed me between my legs.

Friends, I tell you sincerely that you must make sure you are properly aroused so you’re ripe and ready to be filled and so that your body responds as it should.

My Sir called to me and told me to prepare my body for him. I then got down on my knees to wait.

I see him quickly approach. My Sir stands tall and proud in front of me. He is lean and rippled with strong supple muscles. He admires me from the other side of the separation wall.

My Sir wants me to go to him.

Arise from off your knees, my little darling, my beautiful one. Quickly come with me.

Your time of womanly separation is over. You are washed clean and are prepared for me.

You are in full bloom and the time has arrived for me to partake of your fruit and we will sing our love song together.

My body is excited by your presence. Your sweet scent is causing me to react, my little darling, my beautiful one. Off your knees and come now.

I spread you open before me to see what is hidden in your delicate folds. Let me see all of you. Yes, that’s it; sweetly moan for me. You are so lovely to behold.

Do not whimper and cry. You are lovely as I have told you so do not have any shame. Do not withdraw from me when we are ready for our eager passion.

Yes, I belong to you, Sir. You are my beloved.

Yes, enter me Sir. I want you inside me.

Turn me over and mount me, Sir. Do all that you please with me. I am yours for as long as it pleases you. My body is yours to do with as you please.

Copyright © 2013 – by The Submission of Elle