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Here are some meanings of the word surrender:

To trust in one’s life processes.

To accept life situations as they are without trying to change them.

To be in the present moment.

To accept what is not in your control.

To be willing to be responsible, to accept guidance, teaching, pleasure, and to let go.

To experience the divine.

To release illusions.

To accept the truth.

To let go of fear and tension.

To experience all your feelings.

Each of us needs to surrender in our own unique way. Some of us need to surrender to the experience of life, to let go of the feeling that we don’t have the right to be here or to live fully. Others of us need to surrender to our feelings and experience emotion of every variety. Some of us have cut off from our bodies, treating them as distant tools, and we need to surrender to physical sensations, even those that are unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Some of us refuse support from others, being unwilling to surrender to the feeling of not having control or feeling helpless. Others of us need to let go, feel sexual, experience pleasure and stop fighting against our sexual urges. Some have to give up the illusion of being swallowed and consumed by the other, give up the fantasy of complete freedom, and accept the limitations of real freedom and real relationship.

Many of us need to surrender to love, to expressing it freely and to opening our hearts. We may also need to surrender to heartbreak, to the experience of rejection, to feeling abandoned, to feeling dependent.

Fear of surrender is like fear of falling. There is no visible support. And we fear falling in love, even though we yearn for it. We fear fusion with another, even though we yearn for it as well. We also fear loss of self, death, falling asleep, the unknown, darkness, and involuntary acts.

What are you still holding holding on to?


That’s not me
I tried to make it not true
I am stronger than you
I wouldn’t let you out
Wouldn’t let you live

I buried you deep
Covered you in years of debris
Put on a thick layer of concrete
Built a shiny skyscraper on top
You clawed your way out of the abyss

You were screaming in my head
You raged for years
You wouldn’t leave me alone
I was torn up with your anger
I hated you

I can’t be her
She is wrong
I’ve lived a lie
You fought for your life
You fought for my life

You could finally breath
I could finally breath
I am her
She is me
I have transcended


Coming Out of The Dark

Names and and faces have come through my life.
Many have heard my heart, wiped my tears, laughed along, spent some time, and then they were gone.

Some people will say they want unadulterated honesty. You’ll hear them say, “Just be you. Be real. You can trust me with your heart,” but they really can’t handle what and who you are because they only want to hear the good and not the bad. If something goes wrong it becomes your fault, but it’s not your fault because allowing yourself to be vulnerable will open you up to a myriad of thoughts, ideas, and emotions you didn’t even know you had.

If you dare ask to see the real person you better be ready to take what comes when the mask and armor are removed… They may say and do things you don’t understand.
They may not make sense.
They may contradict themselves.
They may seem irrational at times.

A turning point occurred in my life two years ago. I opened my heart like never before and the love of my life received it. Since that day I keep opening…he keeps opening…and we keep receiving each other. Tragedy happened last year and we learned even more, gave even more, received even more. We saw each other’s hearts and souls and a new trust and resolve emerged, but we still wore the mask and armor in front of the world. Then some asked to see what lay beneath, and longing to be truly understood, I bared my soul. I should have walked in wisdom. I should have seen the agenda. I know better.

Our masks and armor are charming and funny, light and easy, with barely a care in the world. If you asked to see the real, got a glimpse of what lived underneath, and then demanded the masks be put back on, you didn’t deserve to have that little peak of real. There were those who only wanted the pretty…
They really enjoyed the good.
They barely tolerated the bad.
They ran like hell from the ugly.

Here’s a secret…hiding within the ugly is true beauty, like a seed in the soil. Those who have the patience to water and weed, give warmth and light, protect from the elements are those who get the privilege of reaping the reward of the fruit that is destined to emerge. Those who ran away will never know because of selfishness. So ignorant were they that they mistook the mask and armor for the fruit.

Our fruit is reserved for just a select few to enjoy. If someone chooses to give you their hard-earned fruit accept as if you just received the grandest prize. You may only be given one opportunity to prove you are worthy to receive it.

There are some who will get in the darkness with you and encourage you to explore it…
They will hold your hand and even lead you through.
They have no fear of your darkness because they have already explored their own.
They know your darkness is the place of your most hidden desires.
They know it’s your secret place where your true self resides. They know how to coax it out so it can live and grow in the light.
They know shame can transform into boldness.

I lived in shame for too long. That shame created guilt, which created fear, which created anger, which created depression. It was never the bad that happened to me, but it was instead the suppression of my true self. I’ve shed my shame and I don’t feel guilty over what I’ve opened up. There is no more fear, there is no more anger, and now that sadness is melting away. I’ve come out of the darkness and into the light.

My Truth ~ Part One: A Little Background Information

submission 1

I’ve shared some personal details of who I am along the way on this blog and there are others that follow my blog that I’ve gotten to know through email, text, and phone calls. However, there is so much more to my world than meets the eye. Even this 4, maybe 5 part (6 parts?), series I plan on sharing will not be enough and will only go so deep because I’m sure I will be leaving out details, but not for the reasons you may think. The truth is I can’t remember them and then all of the sudden a memory comes back. My lack of memory and recall is not from simply forgetting, it’s just that my memory loss stems from trauma due to abuse, half-hearted suicide attempts (oh those cries for help!), and drugs. I have 4 brothers and the 3 older  were drug dealers. We grew up in an educated, middle class house with both parents present, but there was a very dark side to our lives. I know how to compartmentalize and I know how to block memories.

friends 2

I have a friend from high school (we’ll call her J) that experienced this culture with me and to this day we’ll call each other up with a memory that one of us had of ourselves or the other. There are things J remembers that I did that I have absolutely no recall of and vice versa. We rely on each other to piece together a total of 5 years of teenage hell. We joke that we each hold a part of the other’s brain. We went to a lot of parties together and we took things we didn’t even know we were taking, we did things we didn’t know we were doing. We know we are walking miracles because the chances of becoming addicted or over-dosing were so great. The chance of something sinister happening was probably even greater. J is a very real and very true friend and she knows me very well. J knows when I’m venting out of frustration, when I’m being as ass, when I’m full of fear or anger and I say things I don’t mean, when I exaggerate to get attention (shut up, we all do it), when I need a shoulder to cry on, or a friend to make me laugh until I pee my pants. I know her the same way she knows me and because of that we never argue or fight because we don’t have to. We have a knowing and an understanding of each other. I’ve shared very little about her with other friends because NO ONE is allowed to say anything against her. We had our 30 year high school reunion in August and we didn’t go. We told people all kinds of reasons why we couldn’t go (money, husbands), but the truth is that J ran into some people from our past and it dredged up some memories. We both freaked a little. We talked on the phone the night of the reunion. We dealt with the bad memories and moved on. J does not know I am a submissive and my husband is my Dominant. One day I will tell her.

fear 1

Now, there are secrets that I’ve barely admitted to myself out of absolute shame and guilt. J only knows the most minutia of these secrets. The only one who knows it all is my husband, but it took me years to eek it out to him and I’ve never gone into full explicit detail, but he knows more than enough. He knows the depths of how I feel and he has always been there for me without judgement to let me cry it out until I was bone dry and then let me cry some more. I did not share these things with him for our first 6 or so years together and he never understood where my rage, depression, or despair came from. I have intentionally been selective about revealing this information with friends and recently that has come to bite me in the ass.

Over the last year, and on an almost daily basis, I was encouraged to drop my armor and just be me and that I would be loved no matter what. I shared some things, but without all the supporting details of my life, they could never fully comprehend and because of my purposeful deletions I was more than misunderstood, I was attacked for it, and not just me, but my husband as well. The big lesson I learned is that sometimes walls are a good thing because some people should just never be allowed in your life. I was on the “I’m finally being who I really am and we’re all in this together” crappola bandwagon so I thought it safe to open up and for some reason I believed any venting or fear would be apparent. I thought that, like my husband or J, they would tell me everything was going to be OK and to calm down, breathe, and think it through. Then we had a family tragedy and I was like a spewing fountain of fear and I received some of the worst advice I ever received in my life (and I’m even including advice I once received from a junkie). I am so thankful I didn’t drink the poison because it would have meant an end to my marriage, my children would have been torn apart, and my entire life as I know it would have ended. For the record, I take complete responsibility for my actions and everything that occurred because I FUCKING KNOW BETTER! I was the one who dropped my armor and who breached her own protective wall. You can be rest assured that my sword is now sharper than ever, the walls to my city have been fortified, and now I even have a beautiful shiny new moat because ignorant people are no longer allowed in.

friends 1

I have a soul-sister who I will refer to as D. Our relationship transcends friendship. She is a mentor, a sister, a mother, an aunt, a spiritual advisor, and a source of wisdom that I have never found in anyone else. She is a gift to me and it is a relationship that I treat with the finest of care because she deserves all the very best I have to give. No, she is not an angel or a prophet (although I argue that with her), she is just a human with flaws and all. I have been there for her and I know she will always be there for me. We have an agreed arrangement that we NEVER badmouth our husbands to each other, not even a little, not even in jest. If there is a genuine problem we don’t dog the men. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come to her with a problem not even saying anything bad, but her words to me are emphatically, “Don’t tell me anything you can’t say to him. Your job is to go to him first before you ever come to me.” Wise woman. Our other agreed arrangement is that we do not go into any details about our sex lives. The main reason is that her husband used to be a Pastor at a church we all used to attend. In all the years I’ve known her the one thing I didn’t know was that she and her husband had, for many years, a D/s marriage. According to her it was mainly in the bedroom. There is an age difference between them with her being 58 and him being 72. He has had some health problems the last few years so they don’t do a lot of what they used to. It has always been obvious that her husband is the head of their household. They did it their way, but that’s what we should all be doing. It’s less than a year ago that I revealed what my husband and I had started and she just smiled and then told me a little about her life. We bonded on a new level, but she took things slowly, as is her way, and never tried to unload all kinds of ideas and opinions on me and how to have a D/s marriage. She uses wisdom when dealing with people and is a listener. Her advice is very “Kung Fu” (we both used to love that show) because she says that many times we already have the answer to the question or problem so allowing someone to just talk it out will reveal the answer and the truth. It was recently that I asked her to mentor me in submission and this is the one of the reasons I am writing this today.

This is a catharsis for me. D encouraged me to put as much down as I can so I can move past the areas that are done, heal the areas I need to heal, and get help in the areas that need work. My husband has given his blessing and with that, I will start tomorrow with My Sexual Awakening in Part 2 of My Truth. Read if you like or delete if you’re so inclined because this I must do for me.