I Noticed

I noticed you’re not taking care of yourself.

I have a lot to do and I don’t have time.

You have to make the time.

Where will that time come from?

Are you getting more done when you ignore your own needs?

No. I feel like I can’t catch up and am always behind.

That’s because you’re not happy with yourself. When you take care of yourself your mood changes. You become more productive. You procrastinate less.

It feels selfish.

Selfish would be taking care of yourself only and ignoring everything else. You’ve never been that way, but you do put some things off that need to be done. You become anxious when you don’t allow downtime and then you get overwhelmed. Nap if you need a nap. Take a bath. Read a book. Watch a movie. Just make sure that when you do what makes you happy you do so without guilt. Guilt kills your spirit.

Is this a request or an order?

What do you think?

I think I’ll go read for a while.

That’s my girl.

He’s in Pain

He got hurt and has been in pain. At first he was strong and made adjustments to deal with it, but he started getting worn out. It’s been about eight weeks since he pulled an ab muscle. It takes a long time to heal and we’re both weary from it. Prior to that he hurt his shoulder and that took weeks to heal. He wasn’t able to sleep on his right side, which meant cuddling was hard. He was only able to be on that side for a very short time. Many positions were difficult, which meant sex was difficult. You just don’t realize how much you use your abs for certain activities until you really hurt one of those muscles.

Last weekend we scened and it was so damn good. It’s been a hard winter of cold, snow, long hours, family demands, work schedules to juggle, school drop offs and pick ups, worries, tensions, and planning. We both needed the release. We both needed the escape.

This weekend holds a lot of promise. We’ve been able to have our morning cuddles. Sex has gotten easier and hopefully this weekend we can have more intensity. His Sadist and my masochist needed to be sated.

I really want everyone to understand that we kept our cool through all of this. I didn’t have melt downs. I didn’t feel unloved. I didn’t make demands or beg. I knew it would pass and the worst is now over. I wanted him to be well, which meant he needed the time to really heal. He saw two doctors and they each said the same thing…rest. This experience has shown me that I’ve grown as a submissive. A couple of years ago this would have freaked me out. It’s not like he was incapacitated and he still had to go to work everyday at a physically demanding job. He was very tired every night when you came home and our weekends, of course, were packed with activities. I took on the lion’s share of much because he needed me to. This is what we do for each other. This is how we support one another. I know my time will come to get my pampering and to relax from so much responsibility.

I will hold up my end proudly as his submissive.