Lessons in Submission – Lesson #2


You must take full responsibility for your submission. It is a great responsibility to submit. Treat your submission with respect by being the best submissive you can be and by tacitly obeying your Dominant through your agreed upon submission (tasks, projects, rules). Take your submission and embrace all of its’ beauty.

A Dominant needs submission as much as a submissive needs dominance. You submit so your Dominant has your PERMISSION to dominate. One of the main traits of a true Dominant is that he is always a gentleman. A gentleman will only take what you give. A gentleman will open the door for you and allow you to go first, so make sure you walk through that inviting open door with all your submissive grace and your own special submissive sashay. Trust me, he’ll be watching your submissive ass as you walk through that door.

Lessons In Submission – Lesson #1

If I speak badly about any part of me – my beauty, my body, my intelligence, my emotions, my personality, my abilities and talents – I am not putting myself down, I am putting my Sir down. It is as if I am telling him he has no taste or discernment or that he has no idea what he is doing or thinking.

My Sir loves everything about me . He loves my beautiful face, my sexy body, my laugh, my mind, my heart, my gifts, my cooking, my sense of humor, my compassion, my resourcefulness, my strength, my determination, and my faith. I believe what he says about me and I embrace all that I am because he embraces me.

I love you, Sir. Thank you for loving me, enjoying me, lusting for me, dominating me, and always believing in me. You have very good taste!

Time To Wake Up, Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1, you can find it here. I hope you enjoy Part 2 and come back for more. It just got hotter in the room.


“Keep still,” he commands.

He’s relentless in his assault on my warm, red flesh and keeps pushing me further and further to the edge. I’m lost in sensation as each sting from his hand sends a shock-wave of pleasure through me. Each time he tests my wetness he plunges his fingers deep inside my dripping pussy in order to prepare me for what he has planned and to drive me wild with desire and lust. He gives momentary pauses to let me absorb, but he continues to push me onward.

He whispers close to my ear in his sultry deep voice,

“That’s my good girl. You’re so wet and ready for me.”

He bites down hard on my ass, first on the right and then on the left cheek. It’s almost my undoing and I release a guttural moan of ecstasy. He again plunges his fingers in me and starts to fuck me hard with his hand as he begins licking my hot ass and then continues licking all the way up my back to my right ear. His warm, steamy breath caresses my neck and I want to cum. I feel the pull of a strong wave of release as he nibbles on my earlobe, but then he abruptly pulls his fingers out and smacks my ass hard and pinches my tits with a heated fervor.

He pulls my legs apart so he has easy access and then starts spanking me over and over on my cunt and on my inner thighs with no pauses, no testing, and no backing down. I begin to shake and squirm wildly in his lap aching for release and just when I think I can’t take anymore and I start to go limp, he grabs a fistful of my hair and flips me around so I’m bent over the side of the bed. He pulls my hips up with his other hand and then uses that hand to grab me around my neck. He quickly plunges inside me and begins to fuck me fast, hard, and rough. 

My Contribution to “Cock Week”

I know it’s supposed to be roosters, but I had to post this photo. This dog belongs to an old friend and as soon as I saw it on Facebook I knew I must share it with the world.

Penis dog

Brings new meaning to the name “wiener dog.”

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Time To Wake Up, Part 1

“Come here.”

 What? Who’s talking to me? Sir.

  “Come here, now.”

I slowly open my eyes. My mind still fuzzy with sleep so I can barely comprehend the command, yet somehow I manage to pull myself from underneath the comforter to crawl over to the edge of the bed where he is sitting. All I need to do is follow his voice.

“You fell asleep on me last night.”

Oh shit! How did that happen? The last thing I remember, he was going to spank me. How did I fall asleep? I was bouncing around in bed and waiting with anticipation. I remember him taking a long time to come back to our bedroom and then that’s it. Fuck!

“Take off your clothes.”

Oh, OK,  now I’m awake. I feel a flurry in my stomach as I pull off my panties.

“Why is your camisole still on?”

Top, right…oops.  I quickly pull off my camisole and take a deep breath.

“Stand in front of me, close your eyes, and raise your arms above your head.”

I can feel his eyes traveling all over my body and drinking me in. I feel a flush of heat that starts at my cheeks and works its way down. I can feel myself getting wet and my nipples getting hard. I want to peek, but I don’t dare open my eyes. Although, I can’t help the smile that comes across my face as I know I meet with his approval. I hear him exhale and then shift on the bed.

“Stretch out across my lap and raise your ass in the air.”

I reach out, my eyes still closed, as he takes my hand and guides me. I crawl over his lap and lift my ass in the air, as instructed, while I rest on my elbows and knees.

 “I tried to wake you, but you were sound asleep. Did you slept well?”

“I’m sorry, Sir. Yes, I had a very good sleep, Sir.”

“I forgive you. Now, be a good girl and don’t move.”

I take a deep breath as he begins to slowly rub both cheeks of my bare ass in circles with his right hand. Oh, that feels sooo…Ouch! He smacks my right cheek with a good whack and then just as quickly I’m smacked on my left cheek. He slowly starts rubbing my ass again, but this time he begins playing with my tits with his left hand. Then the next set of smacks come down a little harder and at the same time he’s pinching my nipples. He begins a rhythm and pattern of smacking and pinching, caressing and rubbing, and in between running his fingers along my now very slick slit. The intensity builds and each set arouses me more, has me squirming and bucking more, and has me wanting so much more.