He Called Me Kiddo

I am doing some personal assistant work one day a week for a new client. He’s actually one of Coach’s clients and now he’s hired me to help him get organized in his business and home life. I helped out at one of his stores last week and today I was at his home. He and his wife had several projects for me, from going to one of the houses he’s flipping and putting together a lighting needs breakdown to purchasing him a temporary out of state hunting license for a big hunting trip he’s taking next week. I’m good with these task and over a two day period I’ve knocked out an impressive list. I got very excited on the drive back to his house and couldn’t help thinking, “I hope he likes the frames I chose. Are my lighting recommendations going to work with his plan?” And then it hit me, I freaking get off on this! I was even a little nervous.

Once back, I gave him everything he needed. He was extremely pleased and I was glowing. As I was leaving for the day, he told me how much of a help I’ve been and how glad he is for our new arrangement. Then he said, “Good job, kiddo.” I almost tripped on his steps. I feel no attraction to this man, who’ s only nine years older than me, but I will tell you, I just loved hearing those words!