My Hands


Someone noticed my hands today. She commented that I had several faded scars, and in particular, scars on my wrists. She gave me a strange look and I just gave her a smile. I feel no need to explain myself or my life; where I’ve been or what I’ve done.

My hands bear witness of trials and triumphs. My hands defy my age and are a testimony that no matter what has gone on in my life, I am still young at heart.

I’m not afraid to lend a hand, to applaud you, to shake your hand, to hold your hand, to high-five and fist bump you, to pat you on your back, and to wipe away your tears.

My hands can even defend me. I can slap you across the face, punch you in the stomach, or flip you off.

I can draw and paint with my hands, I can cook, I can sew, and I can make a living all with my hands.

I can even use my hands to give you a massage, to run my fingers through your hair, to stroke you hard and soft, to touch you so you know you’ve been touched, to scratch my nails down your back.

My hands can do many amazing things.

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14 thoughts on “My Hands

  1. This is beautifully said Elle!
    Obviously I wasn’t there, and cannot say for sure this is what this woman felt, but I know that, if I saw someone having scars on their wrists, I would probably feel a lot of empathy and wonder if there was any way I could help them. That may lead me to gently prod. I hope that if I felt resistance I would know to turn away from that path, but I’m not sure I would do it.
    You are right, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone you don’t want to explain yourself to. But sometimes, sharing with other people feels good. (Otherwise we wouldn’t be writing blogs, would we? πŸ˜‰ ).

    But what I feel is the most important thing in your post is all the things you can do with your hands, and all the reasons you should be proud of them. I think the thing I’m most proud of my hands for is holding and taking care of my babies, hugging them, holding their hands, guiding them gently on the path of life.
    But they’re pretty good at massages, cooking and all sorts of other things you wrote. And healing… πŸ™‚

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  2. My scars are faded and barely noticeable, although in the right light you can see them. It was just a look on her face that put me off and I knew it would not be worth the time to explain myself. I am not ashamed of myself and would never cover things up. I am who I am and I am damn proud of that.

    Our hands can do all kinds of amazing things. I’m proud of what my hands have done with my babies, too.

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    • Yes, you are right, if the look on her face put you off, she was probably coming from a judgemental place and you don’t need her in your life πŸ™‚
      I didn’t feel you were ashamed of yourself.On the contrary, you sound like a woman who’s very proud of her accomplishments, rightfully so! I just thought maybe having been burnt one time too many made you wary πŸ™‚
      Yes, we loving mothers are wonderful creatures πŸ™‚

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      • Hey don’t forget us Dads!! I have weird hands. A family flaw makes them very unusual and people always notice. But my children love the way I run them through their hair, hold their cute faces in them and tell them how wonderful they are.

        We of flawed hand-looks must stand together and be united in letting the world know that try as they may, they cannot make us or our families feel self conscious about the hands that have formed our children’s futures.

        You should wear those scars with pride, Elle. It is a testament to who you are that you have overcome those days and become the woman you are today. Someone who brings joy and smiles to many. I will hold hands with you any time. Just don’t tell Coach πŸ˜‰

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        • I love what you said about your kids. That is just beautiful and you brought a smile to my face. Thsnk you, you always say such sweet things and I’m happy to hold your hand anytime. I’m sure Coach will be fine with that.

          It’s not how your hands look it’s what they can do. Loving and productive hands are what all of us should aspire to. What’s the saying? “Idle hands are of the devil.”

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  3. Dear Elle, as you know you could slap me all day, every day….but yes, as the comments say, this is a lovely post. It is true that our wrists tell a story…mine have burn marks….and I do love my hands too….and know exactly what you mean. What a nice post. x


    • First, Jon! Hi!!!!!!! I see you totally changed your site. I’ve wondered where you’ve been.

      I know you been through it, too, and I’m so happy you made it to the other side. Different stories, but probably similar angst. I see you made another comment. I’m working my way over. Crazy day yesterday and I’m behind on reading.

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