Back On Stage ~ It’s Show Time, Folks!

IT’S A HAPPY DAY FOR ME! I woke up this morning absolutely sure. I’ve been debating this in my head and heart for years. I’ve given myself every single reason why it can’t be done…

I’m too old, I have kids, I have to be in better shape, I haven’t done it in so long, I’m too old, what if…what if…what if…what if….



There’s a part of me that is unhappy and I’ve looked around to see what can fill it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so very happy with Coach, I’m so very happy with our kids, I’m so very happy with friends, but there’s a part of me that is still a little unhappy and it’s because I’m not doing what I love to do. Bottom line is that I am a performer at heart and it’s my first love. I’ve been performing since I was 4 years old and appeared in a commercial. I’ve been acting, singing, and dancing as far back as I can remember. I’ve had all the professional training. I really don’t want to do anything else. It’s not about money. It’s about what truly gives me joy. I can’t be the joyful person I am unless I perform.

When I’m on stage it’s as if I’m transported into a world of pure bliss. Time stands still and it feels a little like subspace. I am completely in the moment without another thought or care. The high I get from it is beyond anything you can imagine. I love the energy I get from an audience and I feed on it. The more I give, the more they give and it is electrifying. I am fully me on stage and I miss it. The only other thing that gave me that kind of high was running track. Sports and performing are very similar because you have to put it all out there. It’s all or nothing.

So do I just go out and audition for a show? Do I put together a headshot and resume and go find an agent? Nope. I’m doing this my way! I listened to some Sinatra last night and I know what I want.

My voice is well-suited for cabaret singing…157999718Deep, sultry, a little raspy, but I’m able to hit some notes. There’s nothing like a piano bar, a single mic, and standing there in a long, slinky dress that looks like it’s ready to slip off, slide down and pool around the ankles, luxurious hair cascading around shoulders with a sexy wave that covers one eye. Fuck me, that ‘s hot! Now to find someone to play piano for me. In a cabaret setting there must be chemistry between the musician and the singer. Anyone want to be my accompanist?

I love comedy, especially sketch comedy and improv. I’ve written and performed in both. Comedy keeps you on your toes unlike any other type of performance, in my humble opinion. You have to be quick and sharp and have some serious mental dexterity. I’ve studied and performed Greek theater and Shakespeare (they don’t pay well) and comedy is so much harder.

fe86f7a71ee28de7ac79896e90454893Burlesque is like a drug to me and I haven’t gone to nearly enough shows, but I’m online A LOT watching the best of the best. I love the tease of it. I love the turn on. Unlike stripping, there’s an art to it and that really turns me on. I have wanted to perform burlesque since I first heard of Gypsy Rose Lee, Blaze Starr, and Josephine Baker. Today, burlesque is on fire and I want a piece of it. Did I tell you I look so fine in a corset? Watch out, Dita, here I come!

I know how to put together a show and I’ve directed and performed in a few musicals. I have some skills and I plan on using them. Yup, the performance bug came crawling in again and bit me. I love to be bitten.

So those are my elements and what I plan on putting together for my act. When? Who knows, but I’m going to have some fun working on it. I’ll take some classes, put a couple of acts together, work on my schtick, lift weights and workout like there’s no tomorrow, search for a venue so I can audition (gotta have a goal), read, learn, and grow.


33 thoughts on “Back On Stage ~ It’s Show Time, Folks!

  1. You GO girl! You don’t get one single day back in this lifetime so go for your dreams with all you have got! I am a dancer too and I know the high it gives me even as I (oh lord help me) turn 60 next week….it matters not, I still dance and still dance naked for Captain. So go follow your muse my friend!

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    • This all comes on the heels of me having to go back to work, which I don’t mind. A job will afford me the opportunity to persue this dream. I turn 49 this yeat so by 50 I want to be up there doing what I do. Yay you dancer! You understand the high.


  2. Wow! Hidden talent Elle. Do what your passionate about right now, if you wait for the perfect time it never arrives. Let us know when your Vegas act is booked!

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    • This is a part of me I’ve never really shared on my blog, only making mention here and there. I sing and dance all day long, every day, and girl, there is an exhibitionist living inside if me. I will be happy at a little intimate theater anywhere as long as it’s quality performances and I’m doing what I love.

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  3. Go for it! Do what you love until you can’t move! I get you on the thrill of the stage. I’ve never played a lead, I don’t have a lead voice, but I love all the elements of theater and have been happy in chorus roles forever (mind you, if you wanted to cast me in a lead, I wouldn’t complain, but aside from acting, I don’t have the stellar voice and dance skills to be a triple threat). I have to send you the Bob Fosse compilation dance number one of my girls did with a friend–it was amazing, they choreographed it and danced it. As we speak, they’re casting for Les Mis at our local theater and I’m dying to do it… Not sure I’m up for the grueling rehearsal schedule (this theatre is nuts… it only puts in 7 weeks of rehearsals for major musicals, intense). So, just tell us where to come see you!!

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    • To say I love Bob Fosse is the understatement of the year!

      I don’t know if I could do that schedule right now either, but there’s a lot of opportunity for burlesque and cabaret where I live. I know I can do this. I never wrote comedy before, but a director and writer was needed and I jumped in. Lo and behold, our group doubled and we performed locally for 2 years.


  4. Yes, oh please, yes! Do go back!
    I can totally relate to feeling there’s a part of you missing. I have this feeling that I need to be on stage at least once a year to feel good within myself. I too am a performer. I don’t have your credentials, never actually studied performing arts, but I always enjoyed playing in front of an audience, whether theatre, singing or dancing…
    I completely understand the pull to do burlesque… A long time ago, so long ago it seems like it was in another lifetime, I was part of a small choir and we sung a few songs from Cabaret. I was the MC, dressed in black lingerie, feathers, fake eyelashes, fishnet thigh highs, the lot! If it hadn’t been for performing in front of a small community where I was well known for completely different things, it would have been perfect!!…
    But I loved it! I remember the first few words I had to say, my arms were shaking… and then I forgot completely about the fact those people sitting at the table I was leaning on, I seemed to be flirting with, were going to meet me on the next day as a young mother rather than a sexy thing 🙂
    I suppose there is a reason why there is make up and a costume, it helps you pretend it’s not actually a part of you that you’re putting out there. At least, that’s what saved me that night and the next day 😉
    I haven’t been on stage in more than a year now. So please, do go back. And share a little bit of it with us 🙂


    • Oh, Dawn, you know! I’ve been uncomfortable with myself for months and couldn’t pinpoint it. I also realized that I’ve been reaching for things that just can’t give me fulfillment…friends, family….but I’ve been clingy and I hate that. I was looking up burlesque last night and then this morning I knew. I must get back on stage.

      Cabaret is one of my faves. Costumes and makeup and lighting help the illusion and for that time you can be anybody you want to be. Get back on stage!

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      • Yes, you are right, I fully intend to… one day! When I get a chance to settle down enough to get to know my new area, to find a group I connect with… I’m not as confident as you, having never studied it. I just do it to enjoy myself. It would certainly help if I was more fit and could read music 😉
        And for now, it is a bit tricky to do anything about either…
        But at least, I don’t have anyone holding me back anymore, which wasn’t the case a year ago.
        In the mean time, I’ll live vicariously through you if you don’t mind 🙂

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        • One day at a time is all you need. I just found out that there’s a studio that teaches sensual jazz and burlesque dance and the studio is owned by a women Coach and took tap from a few years ago. I’m going to audot the classes next week.


          • Good for you! I’m happy you may have found just what you need!
            I had been researching open dance sort of classes, like the one I took in October last year, where they turn on the music and you do what your body tells you to do. No insecurities because other people have even less dance background than me… This would be a great start for me. But first I need to be able to walk. And then figure out what my finances look like. That may take a little while still… But I will have made some sort of progress by this time next year 🙂


    • Thanks, ‘Tis. Have you ever just felt stagnant? I’ve been in limbo for too long and it’s not fair to me. I’m just better when I’m creating and I’m on stage. Coach has been encouraging this for years and is so happy that I’m going for it.


      • Oh yes!!! I’ve sat in that pond far to many times. The flowing river is a much more inviting body of water. It’s wonderful you have Coach to encourage you and many here on WP too!!! Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you. 🙂



  5. Yay Elle, I’m rooting for you girl! Never ever too late to chase your dreams and do what makes you happy. You sound so passionate about Burlesque 🙂 I’m looking forward to this follow up story!!

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    • Thank you! I’m so excited that I made this decision. The timing is perfect as well. I need to be creative. We’ve had so many life situations come up since I was last on stage (7 years ago). Part if that was I had a 1 yr old and a 5 yewr old so I had to put things on the back burner. For the last 2 years I’ve talked myself out of it, but I needed to get my health back and I was successful 🙂 When my creativity is sparked I’m a better person.

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  6. Traveling, so this a quick note. I am going to pull words from Nike: JUST DO IT!
    Might have a venue suggestion in the City for a show.
    Cheering you forward, GO GIRL GO!


  7. Oh my gosh!! I’m new to your blog but between the happy birthday “card” you did and this, I’d say I would pay good money to watch you “pop your cork” on any stage in any city.

    I hope you really, truly get to follow this dream. It is who you are.


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