Our New Puppy





This is a photo of Emi with her sister. If we could have adopted her we would have.

Meet our new puppy, Emi. Emi is Japanese for beautiful blessing. She is a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix and just turned eight weeks. She is a sweetheart and is so smart. Her combination makes her loyal, brave, protective, smart and super sweet. We are so in Iove with her.

It’s been five years since we had a dog and we’ve missed having one.

30 thoughts on “Our New Puppy

    • Total squee! Our sweet JoJo had to be put down five years ago. She was 13 and had gotten seriously ill. It broke my heart. Just a few short months after JoJo got put down our cat, Sammy, had to get put down as well. We got a cat three years ago for our daughter, but I haven’t been able to say yes to a dog. Coach showed me Emi’s picture not quite two weeks ago. A friend of ours was fostering her and once I saw her face I melted and yes came flying out of my mouth. He has been so patient with me all these years because he knew that I had to be really ready for a dog and he was not going to force it upon me. I’ve always believed that pets are a gift to you at a time when you need them most. This was perfect timing and our son has claimed her for his very own.

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  1. Oh. My.


    She is so cute!! It is a good thing that this is blog that I can’t show to my daughters (who constantly beg for a dog even though my oldest is very allergic)! What a fun time! I remember when we brought home our puppy (the only dog that I ever had) a year after we were married. He was cute like Emi (Husky/Siberian) and melted me. He’s been gone 10 years and we still talk about him and tear up. Seeing Emi’s cute face makes me want to concede my daughter’s desire for allergy shots.

    Congrats, Elle!


    • Puppies are the best. This one is going to be a big girl, but I’m sure she’ll be a a dog.

      I had a friend who did allergy shots to own a dog. There are some hypoallergenic dogs so you may want to look into that. Our daughter’s friend has a “Golden Doodle” (Labrador and poodle). Very cute and sweet and no allergies.

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      • Thank you, Elle. It is something that Will and I talk about every time that our daughter begs for a dog. She wants a husky (I would love to have either a German Shepard or Siberian) which are both very allergenic. The shots are not a guarantee, but certainly may help.

        Will doesn’t like poodles and he isn’t particularly fond of the “Labradoodles” (that’s what the breeders call them, here). I would like one, but I can’t believe how much the breeders are getting for them!! $3,500 to $4,000??


          • The combination is very sweet! And I meant to say “thank you” for the recommendation (I need to be more mindful of my manners on the internet.;-) ).

            When I had Will leaning towards one of these hybrid dogs, he went online and started researching them and began to see what the local (and neighboring states) breeders were asking and that was the end of that discussion. $4K towards my new kitchen or a puppy? Selfishly, I chose kitchen. 😉


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