The Two Shall Become One

I want you to fill me and  posses every inch of me.
I want you to pound yourself into my being so that there is no room for me.
I want your thoughts living in me.
Remove from me all my sense of self.
Remove me from my selfish ways.
Remove my own desires to please myself.
Remove my pride and ego.
Take all of me and take all control.
Take from me all that pleases you.
Take your marble and create your masterpiece.
Only you know what’s inside of me.
Only you know my true and secret self.
Only you know that hidden place of wonder and awe.
Only you know my soul.
Let her see the light of day.
Let her feel the sun on her peaceful, surrendered face.
Let her grace and beauty come forth in all her glory.
And then the two shall become one.

9 thoughts on “The Two Shall Become One

  1. Every submissive is crying right now… This is your plea.. Our plea’s…..
    Want… Remove….Take…. Only You… Let her… Permission I’m sure was granted…
    Luv Ya! 💋 Great post… Small & happy tears… 💦💦💦



    • I feel more me the more I let go. The letting go is all the built up walls I’ve guarded myself with to protect my heart…some valid and a lot irrational. When he’s totally in charge I’m released to be me and then I am at peace. My inner turmoil and conflict dissolves.


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